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DNA Paternity Testing

The most accurate test available for determining parentage is DNA paternity testing. It is the most widely accepted method for conclusively resolving doubt as to parentage, streamlines court proceedings, and resolves child support and custody issues.

Our DNA is inherited from our biological parents and is set from the moment of conception. The DNA does not change during a person’s lifetime. If the mother’s and the child’s DNA patterns are known, the father’s can be determined with virtual certainty.

To perform the test, a painless cheek swab sample is taken. It can be taken from a person of any age. The DNA analysis is then used to determine the various relationships requested.

Mail In Kits

We offer self testing mail in kits that can be done in your home and sent to us.

• Mail in kit is free to receive
• Your payment should accompany your mailed in kit. Costs start at around $330 which includes all testing and reporting. All results are 99.9% accurate and will stand up in the court of law. Please contact us for more information and pricing for your unique situation. 

Highest Quality Technology

Two systems are used to perform the DNA test: the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and the Identifiler system for analysis. The PCR DNA genetic analyzers are the very latest in DNA testing technology, The Identifiler system tests 16 unique DNA loci for each person. Each test is independently run twice to give an added measure of reliability.

Fast and Reliable Personalized Services

Our DNA testing is quickly done and uses the most reliable methods for analysis in the industry today. Each case is evaluated independently so that a personalized service will meet the needs of the client.

Most Competitive Fees

We keep our fees affordable so that DNA testing is accessible to all. At the same time we want to insure that our service and quality are excellent. Because there are many testing options available depending on your situation, we encourage you to call us to obtain a quote for the DNA test that will fit your needs.

Simple Cheek Swab Sample Collections

The DNA test can be done taking a swab test from the cheek. Cheek samples are just as accurate as blood samples. The results are the same.

Convenient Client Sample Collection Site

There are various sites where the samples may be taken and processed. A new mobile collection service program is also available for clients.

Established Network Alliance of Laboratories

We have an established network alliance of laboratories that are used to provide the most reliable, convenient, and professional services at the most reasonable fees.